Cornhuskers Collapse Again, Again, Again, and Again

Published on 11-Oct-2015 by CJ

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Cornhuskers Collapse Again, Again, Again, and Again

It has been a tough year for Nebraska fans.

They have been the butt end of not one, not two, not three, but four collapses.

On the game's last play, no less. Each time.

And it’s only Week 6.

It all started on opening week against BYU, as the Cornhuskers were looking to begin the post-Bo Pelini era on the right foot. With Mike Riley in charge and up one point in the final seconds, it seemed like Nebraska was going to do just that.

Sadly, this season, the Husker D can easily be confused with the Norwegian band Hüsker Dü, which fittingly translates to Do You Remember? That's because they forgot Yogi's prime directive, ie- the game ain’t over till it’s over.


Luckily, the team was able to recover with a bounceback win, as they demolished buy-a-win-from-us South Alabama, restoring some hope in the minds of Cornhusker fans.

Up next was Miami, a challenge for sure, but an opponent they should be able to beat.

Nebraska got out to a super-slow start and soon found themselves in a massive hole. Amazingly, they rallied for 23 points in the fourth to force overtime. A win in this game might've been enough to wash away the memories of the Week 1 debacle against BYU.

But, Tommy Armstrong tossed a pick that was returned deep into Husker territory, setting up the game-losing field goal.

Whoops No 2.

Thank cornfields for cupcakces. Nebraska avoided heartbreak on Homecoming, as the defeated Southern Miss to pull their record back to even.

However, it was back to collapse mode the following week, as the team channeled their inner Giants with totally void clock management. The Cornhuskers had the ball, up 13-7, with under a minute remaining. All that was left for them to do was let time run, make one good defensive stop, and it would be game over.

Instead, Nebraska decided to air it out, stopping the clock, and giving Illinois enough time to put together a game-winning drive.

Whoops No 3.

Yesterday, the Wisconsin Badgers came to Memorial Stadium, which incidenally, makes it equivalent to the state's third-largest city.

It was a typically close and hard fought. In fact, it finally seemed like Nebraska was going to win a close one after Wisconsin missed a 39-yard field goal, and Nebraska had the ball. They were a first down away from victory.

Not to be.

Tthe Badgers held, got he ball back, and proceeded to drive far enough for their plus-size kicker to seal the deal.

Whoops, whoops, whoops, and whoops.

Proof that it actually is possible for a non-Cleveland club to have so much heartbreak in one season. Not to mention paying extra for it.