College Football Week 5: What We Learned

Published on 29-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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College Football Week 5: What We Learned

We finally had a real week of college football, where we divided the pretenders from the contenders, and hey, we fired a coach, too. Here we go:

Alabama still knows how to play defense ... Going to into this game, some college football experts wondered if Alabama could handle this Ole Miss offense; they did, and how! Just ask Rebels QB Bo Wallace. The Ole Miss offense didn't score a single point, was held to 206 total yards, and also gave up a safety. Any questions? Speaking of defense ...

Has defense disappeared in college football? ... Besides the Tide, no one played great defense this week. And don't say Oregon, because who have the Ducks really faced yet? We all knew Georgia didn't have a great defense, but the shocker was how easily Bulldogs QB Andy Murray carved up the LSU defense, who got exposed big time yesterday. But they aren't alone. Florida State had to outscore Boston College in order to win. The Eagles laid 34 points on that vaunted Seminole defensive unit. If it wasn't for the 'Noles offense putting up 48, we'd be talking how Florida State lost in an upset. 

Andy Murray is a Heisman Contender ... We talk about how great Johnny Football is all the time, but how about Andy Murray of Georgia? Murray led his Bulldogs to another victory over a Top 10 team, put up big numbers, and looked impressive doing it. As great as Manziel is, he hasn't been that steady yet. Think forcing the ball into drive-killing interceptions against Alabama. Let's give credit where credit is due, but according to Bovada and other sportsbooks, Murray's still got work to do.

Don't go to sleep on OU ... Oklahoma is starting to look like a front-runner in the national championship race. They're playing strong on both sides of the ball, plus they're in a relatively weak conference. Normally, the Sooners find a way to lose to someone they shouldn't, so while I am admonishing that we watch out for them, I wouldn't be surprised if they got upset down the road. And on the road. That game at Baylor on Thu 7 Nov is looming large.

USC did the right thing in firing Lane Kiffin ... This is the biggest Trojans victory in five years. Probably should have happened sooner, but when someone drops a 60-spot on you, chances are you're checking the want ads on the flight home. Kiffin is the most over-hyped, overrated, polarizing coach in college football history outside of Charlie Weis, who will be losing his job shortly, too. USC deserved better; I guess Pat Haden finally figured that out. 

The stage is now set for next week, when we will  ask these questions:

  • Will Bo Wallace blame the media again if the Rebels lose to Auburn?
  • When will Oregon be challenged (hint: it won't be this week)? and
  • Is Miami another team we should start following more closely?

And maybe we'll see who the real West Virginia is. Two weeks ago, Team Schizo got blanked by Maryland on the road, and then it turns around and pops Oklahoma State in Morgantown. Playboy just named WVU as the nation's top party school. Maybe they should find a way to bring their ... shall we say, 'high spirits' ... with them. They'll need 'em in Waco.

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