College Football Week 4: What We Learned

Published on 23-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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College Football Week 4: What We Learned

Week 4 of the college football season saw some of the worst matchups ever.

In short, it was dull and boring, but that doesn't mean we didn't learn a few things along the way. We just may have not learned a lot.

Alabama still looks Inconsistent ... Yes, they are still undefeated. Yes, they have beaten the likes of Virginia Tech and Texas A&M, but something is still off with the Crimson Tide. Whether it's their offense that sputtered against Tech and Colorado State or their defense that looked woeful against Johnny Football, the Tide still hasn't put a full game together, which is scary either way. It could it catch up to them eventually, or Nick Saban and his staff can sort it out and they can become scary good.

Michigan is overrated ... Is this new? Don't we say this every year about the Wolverines? They get the big-brand program free pass every year; when will the voters get a clue? They looked pretty good against Nôtre Dame, but the last few weeks against Akron and Connecticut make us think once again that Michigan will, at some point, be exposed sooner than later. But the way the Big Ten is looking -- again -- it may not be any time soon.

The SEC can play bad football, too ... If the Alabama-Texas A&M game showed us the best of the SEC, the Florida-Tennessee game showed us the worst. That was one of the lousiest games I've ever seen in my life! The turnovers, the bad quarterback play, and even the defense was -- in a PG-rated word -- awful. Remember when this game used to showcase two of the best teams in the country? My, have the mighty have fallen!

A lot of bad teams got paid this past weekend ... There were too many bad games this weekend, mainly because quite a few of the Top 25 played crappy football teams because other FBS teams wouldn't schedule them. It's getting ridiculous. Four FBS schools -- Miami, Ohio State, Louisville and Baylor -- all scored 70 or more points this weekend. Two of the three played FCS schools. I understand that it's sometimes hard to add games to your schedule, but come on! And can someone please tell the AD at Savannah State to find another way of funding a bad football team. Yes, they've raked in around $1.25million this season to be human piñatas, but we're tired of seeing the beat downs. 

No one looked impressive  ... I was waiting to be impressed by someone this weekend and nothing happened. Bama looked bored, LSU at times looked good but got sloppy in the end, Georgia struggled with North Texas for awhile, Stanford couldn't seem to put away Arizona State, Oregon was off, and Ohio State just beat up an FCS team. In short, this was a bad college football weekend.

As bad as Week 4 was for college football, Week 5 promises to be one of the best of the year with Georgia facing LSU, Bama and Ole Miss, Oklahoma and Notre Dame, and Ohio State vs Wisconsin.

Buckle your seat belts folks, this ride is about to get bumpy for some teams. About time!

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