Clemson and Washington: The Only Unbeaten Road Warriors Who Survived Week 9

Published on 30-Oct-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Clemson and Washington: The Only Unbeaten Road Warriors Who Survived Week 9

The Grim Reaper turned out to be the persona du jour on Saturday.

Seven possessors of the nine FBS perfect records -- with Alabama abstaining -- took to foreign fields.

Only two came away undaunted.

And both of those results were in doubt until the final moments until they took dramatic action.

Washington had jumped out to a quick 14-0 lead in Salt Lake City before Utah dug in their Utely heels and made a game of it.

But the Huskies stood up to be counted when the rubber met the road:

Refreshingly, the national spotlinght actually shone on an offensive line in this one.

The Huskies' Jake Browning wasn't as definitive with picking targets, but he didn't really need to be with the canyons the line opened for Miles Gaskin and Lavon Coleman.

As to the subplots, Ute QB Troy Williams -- a Washington transfer after Chris Petersen was hired -- and unretired RB Joe Williams had their moments, but the Huskies' D wouldn't allow enough of them.

Florida State had been waiting all year for their rematch against Clemson.

Maybe it didn't go the way they envisioned, but for college fans in general, it was well worth the wait:

Game of the year. So far.

The Tigers are also putting the lie to margin of victory as a measurement criteria. They play their schedule and find ways to win.

Frankly, the close calls probably better prepare them for the crucible of playoff football, when confidence and discipline are at a premium.

Like against, say, Alabama, who get their own road test this weekend at the Red Stick.

Kinda like, au vainqueur va le butin.

Too bad Les Miles isn't around to butcher that this week, but he wasn't vainqueur enough in the eyes of some.

But Leonard Fournette still is, and he wouldn't mind some butin against the Tide, himself.