Chris Paul Can Handle Balls: 20 Assists, 0 Turnovers

Published on 10-Dec-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Chris Paul Can Handle Balls: 20 Assists, 0 Turnovers

Back in the day, Rickey Green was known in basketball circles for one thing.

Dude made John Wooden stand up.

It was 1975, and Green's Michigan Wolverines were tied with UCLA in an NCAA regional tilt in Pullman, Wa. Coaches just didn't patrol the bench like they do now, and that included the studied Wizard of Westwood.

In fact, he's on record that the only in-game comments he made were directed toward the refs.

However, Wooden had already decided the 1975 season would be his last, and he intended to go out with a tenth championship.

So, when Green launched a potential buzzer-beater, Wooden stood.

The shot doinked, the Bruins won in overtime, and the rest was history.

Other than that, Green's notable moment in a serviceable hoops career was dishing out 20 helpers with 0 giveaways when playing for Utah in 1984.

That was the last time the NBA had seen such a thing.

Until tonight:

Yes, this is today's NBA, so it helped that the Clips rang up 133 points.

Still, Paul was definitely a key factor in it. As usual.

Frankly, so were the Pelicans. But why dim the spotlight on such a notable achievement?

And dude still had time to add a few finishes himself:

Yet another reason why Steve Ballmer's divertissement is hanging close to the Dubs.

Check out their road record, too:

NBA Pacific Division standings

A ball moving horizontally -- as opposed to being driven through the maples -- can be a great equalizer.

That it's actually more fun to watch is icing on the cake.