Charlie Strong Knows He's Done Like Dinner

Published on 20-Nov-2016 by CJ

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Charlie Strong Knows He's Done Like Dinner

No need to call Nostradamus about this one.

Any hopes of Charlie Strong returning for a fourth season at Texas were squashed after a 24-21 loss to Kansas.

Yes, Kansas.

There have been a lotsa lows for Longhorns football the past three years.

Ain’t much lower, though, than losing to a Jayhawks team that hasn’t had a wininng year since 2008.

To be fair, Strong was set up for failure at Texas since Day One.

Previous coach Mack Brown left the program a disaster in terms of returning talent.

Prominent Texas booster Red McCombs -- the former Spurs, Nuggets, and Vikings owner -- publicly denounced Strong’s hiring then as a “kick in the face.”

Despite these things, Strong made sure to leave his mark on the program. In a time that saw Art Briles allow his players to get away with sexual assault, Strong enacted a list of rules for his players to follow.

These rules included such things as attending class, no guns or drugs, and most importantly, treating women with respect. Unlike Briles, Strong held his players accountable for breaking the rules.

Coaches like Briles build football players. Charlie Strong builds men.

But let’s not kid ourselves. These schools care more about winning football games than building character.

Unfortunately, Strong struggled mightily in this category. His only bowl-eligible season was in his first year, where the Longhorns got shellacked by Arkansas in the Texas Bowl. Year Two saw the Texas finish 5-7, or one win short of being bowl eligible.

However, 2015 did see Strong and his 'Horns defeat Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry.

That moment will likely go down as the high water mark of Strong’s tenure.

Today, Texas finds themselves at 5-6 with a potential win against TCU separating them from bowl eligibility. That doesn’t seem to matter, though.

No one's said anything to Strong, but there's widespread speculation -- how's that for an understatement! -- Strong will be fired upon the season’s conclusion.

Even he seems resigned to the fact that his contract is about to be set alight by those hard-hearted 'Horns regents.

There will be the usual talk in coming weeks of a good divorce between the two. The Texas boosters will get to pursue coaching superstar-in-the-making Tom Herman, and Strong will get his $10million buyout.

Don’t get me wrong; $10mil is a pretty penny, but something tells me Strong cares more about his job.

College football has seen a lo its share of unscrupulous coaches get second chances. Strong deserves at least another shot.