Central Michigan's Hail Mary on a Tri-Lateral Mission

Published on 25-Dec-2014 by Alan Adamsson

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Central Michigan's Hail Mary on a Tri-Lateral Mission

The second freaky-great moment of the 2014 bowl season is in the books.

Only alums will remember that Western Kentucky held on to beat Central Michigan, 49-48.

And perhaps only hardcore players will make their libation of choice a double when they recall their Hilltoppers -4 looked to be rung up until the last second.

And what a last second! The Chippewas were down, 49-14, entering the third quarter, stormed back to a 49-42 deficit with one tick left, and then unleashed Hail:

That was Cooper Rush to Jesse Kroll to Courtney Williams to Deon Butler to Titus Davis, who did the honors at the pylon.

Flushed with confidence after a 34-point run in the final frame, Central Michigan coach figured he stay with Cooper Rush's hot hand, going for the win with a two-point conversion attempt. Didn't work. The pass was foiled by none other than Hilltopper CB Wonderful Terry.

So the year's only conquerors of Marshall held on, and it was off to the beach and/or casino for all involved.

Even Western Kentucky's soon-to-be sixth-year senior, Brandon Doughty, who tossed 31-42 for 486 yards and five TDs was overshadowed by Rush's 28-45 for 493 yards and seven scores, albeit only slightly.

But while Doughty gets another college season and a trophy, Rush gets college highlight-reel eternity.