BYU Goes Rogue with Bizarre Fake Punt

Published on 21-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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BYU Goes Rogue with Bizarre Fake Punt

Head football coaches are often lauded for thinking outside of the box and taking chances.

However, this was something else.

In an apparent lunge over the line separating genius and madness, BYU attempted a fake punt on fourth-and-19 from its own end zone.

Have a peek:

Yep, that definitely happened.

Here's some context, not that it will make this actual designed play call look any better.

BYU trailed Boise St at the time, 14-10, and it was still early in the second quarter.

See, told you it wouldn't help.

There is simply no upside to that call.

The fact that the Broncos committed a personal foul after the play and ultimately missed a field goal on that possession doesn't change the complete stupidity of the entire scenario.

When the television broadcast team actually sounds angry while describing the play and the opposing team is shaking their heads in disbelief, you know something's gone horribly wrong.

Boise St held on for the win, 28-27, which is just fine, because anyone who had a hand in that nonsense doesn't deserve good things.