Bryant's Rant against NCAA Justified

Published on 14-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Bryant's Rant against NCAA Justified

If you all missed the news yesterday, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant bashed the NCAA and its handling of Johnny Manziel.

Bryant was suspended by the NCAA a few years for lying to them about having dinner with Deion Sanders.

Although not a violation, Bryant was kicked off the team for prevaricating to NCAA officials. Bryant later admitted he did it because he was scared. 

You can argue that his troubles started with that incident, and Bryant said if Manziel doesn't get punished by the NCAA, he'd be pissed.

 "Hell, yeah, I'll be mad. I'll be mad," he remarked. Bryant went on to discuss how unfair the NCAA was to him ... and they were. They punished him because he lied, not because he had dinner with Deion, which turned out not to be a violation.

He also said he was upset over how Manziel, in many respects, is treated as a hero and champion against the big, bad NCAA, while Bryant was treated as the black sheep who told tales to the NCAA. And he would be right about that, as well. 

In the past few weeks, I've seen a female writer for Fox Sports compare Johnny Manziel to a modern-day Rosa Parks for his 'fight against the NCAA. Yes, I said Rosa Parks. That's how far this has gone. Absurd, even!

So, you can understand why Bryant is upset with the media and the NCAA. 

Bryant's career was almost ruined by the NCAA. But it seems, at least in the past year, his life is beginning to turn around.

To his credit, Bryant says he doesn't want Manziel to be suspended at all; he just wants us to understand how unfair the NCAA process is.

If Johnny Manziel does get away with it, it will be yet another example of how 'fair' the NCAA is to some athletes and not to others.