Browns Choose Mediocre Experience over Hyped Immaturity

Published on 20-Aug-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Browns Choose Mediocre Experience over Hyped Immaturity

Everyone wearing an authentic Cleveland Browns Jersey No 2 will start the 2014 NFL season sitting down.

And at least one will be carrying a clipboard.

Brian Hoyer's been no great shakes, but at least he's had NFL service time being no great shakes.

So, despite his gesture to the contrary in Washington last weekend, Johnny Manziel is not yet No 1.

At first, I thought this little episode was no big deal, but upon further review, maybe it is a big deal. It shows once again that Manziel has yet to grasp that there's a difference between swagger and immaturity, especially in the NFL. And he's not been there long enough to realize it.

The other thing that crossed my mind was, what if he was black? It bothers me that Manziel's antics are embraced by a vast number of fans, but if he was black, he'd probably be called a thug.

When Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks yelled into a Fox Sports camera last year, he was called all sorts of names on Twitter for the way he acted.

You're a towel

But because of who Manziel is, a lot of people will blow off his latest incident. And that was his second disruption in the past week, with the first being him being late for a meeting.

There's little doubt that timing for a decision on the starting quarterback was extended because of Manziel's image and owner Jimmy Haslam's hopes for a rapid transcendence. But Haslam knew from the beginning it was a tall order. Frankly, so did everyone but the most blinded of the hype-beholders.

These first two pre-season games merely confirmed it.

Trust me Browns fans, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Your team is going to suck, and no matter who starts this season, it won't matter.