Bovada Odds: A Surprise Leader for Longhorns Job

Published on 17-Dec-2013 by J Square Humboldt

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Bovada Odds: A Surprise Leader for Longhorns Job

Bovada, one of the largest gaming enterprises in cyberspace -- and The Daily Player's primary sponsor -- makes its living from having a handle on current events. As it's been around since the commercial dawn of online enterprise, one can conclude it's been an accurate observer.

So, when it released its probabilities as to whom Mack Brown's successor at Texas will be, more than a few eyebrows were raised.

See for yourself:

Bovada odds on next Texas football coach


Strong is a brilliant football mind from Urban Meyer's coaching tree whose stock is quite high these days. While much of his résumé is on the defensive side of the ball, Strong's work with Teddy Bridgewater and the Cardinals has shown he's the complete package. He's got a $5million buyout clause at Louisville, but the Texas boosters could pull that out of their respective front pockets.

What's more, Strong's demeanor is nothing like Mack Brown's, whom Longhorn insiders knew to be a thin-skinned, polarizing cabal builder. After 16 years, that veneer was finally pierced. It's certain they don't want to see anything like it again. With AD DeLoss Dodds gone and university president Bill Powers seemingly compromised with his own issues, the boosters have a window of opportunity to even more strongly influence the thinking of new AD Steve Patterson.

So maybe Strong is seen not only as a smart choice but a safe choice, as well.

Bovada seems to think so.