Boo Birds Come Out for Kiffin

Published on 8-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Boo Birds Come Out for Kiffin

Has anyone had a quicker fall from grace than USC head coach Lane Kiffin?

Five years ago, this dude was one of the hottest names in the country. Everybody wanted him, including the USC Trojans. That was the only team in his contract with Tennessee that he was allowed to leave for without needing a buyout. And when he left, Volunteer fans were so upset that there was actually a motion in the state legislature to name a sewage treatment plant after him.

The bottom line was, USC got their man.

Boy, does the Trojan fan base that regret that now.

The Trojans under Kiffin are a shadow of their former selves and looked pathetic in their 10-7 loss to Washington State Saturday night.

Remember when Al Davis warned us about Lane Kiffin and we all thought he was just a bitter old man? (Well, he was, but I digress.). But he was right.

Kiffin is one of the most overrated coaches in college football history. This guy got not one, but two high-profile coaching positions at two of the top programs in the country after he failed as the Raiders head coach.

And what has he done to both Tennessee and USC? Driven them both into the ground. Tennessee is on Coach No 2 since Kiffin left, and while USC's probation wasn't his fault, he's been stubbornly unimaginative in working with what he's got. Yes, the scholarship limits have been a larger detriment than most expected, but FCS schools have always made do with 63, which is currently 12 less than the Trojans' limit.

The top FCS teams don't have the 4- and 5-star recruits that make up USC's numbers, but as we've seen, they manage to do all right for themselves against FBS competition.

Even Snoop Dog has left the Trojans. And now the chickens -- or should I say, Trojans -- have come home to roost. SC fans booed their team and chanted "Fire Kiffin" late in the game.

If there are more performances like Saturday night's, Trojan fans could get their wish.