Bilas Trolling Causes NCAA to Take Down Jersey Website

Published on 8-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Bilas Trolling Causes NCAA to Take Down Jersey Website

Either ESPN basketball analyst Jay Bilas has become one of the most powerful men in sports in the last 24 hours, or the NCAA finally came to its senses about selling players jersey's on their site.

As we reported, Bilas was on Twitter the other day blasting the NCAA for selling players jersey's on the NCAA website (one in particular) and his trolling has paid off. Because of the pressure, the NCAA actually took the site down.

NCAA president Mark Emmert admitted to USA Today sports reporter Dan Wolken that the NCAA had no business making a profit from players' jerseys.

"We are exiting that [selling jerseys] business."

"I certainly understand how people can see that as hypocritical."

Oh, really now?

It took pressure from Bilas and fans for Emmert to realize this really looks bad for the NCAA to hawk players' jerseys and not let the players themselves make a profit from it.

Well, at least in this case, the NCAA tried to do the right thing, although it would nice if they tried to do what's the right thing more often instead of being embarrassed into it.