BCS Banes: Soft Schedules, Lazy Voters Keep Best Teams Out of Title Contention

Published on 6-Dec-2013 by Chips 10

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BCS Banes: Soft Schedules, Lazy Voters Keep Best Teams Out of Title Contention

As we all know, Alabama finished its third straight one loss-regular season in dramatic fashion last weekend.

So, what does this tell us, besides the fact we'll now get another wave of Saban-to-Texas stories?

Unlike the past two seasons, when Alabama worked its way back into the BCS picture and won the final game, this year it would take a miracle for the Tide to get back to the BCS championship game.

In a season where the four-team playoff that's coming next year would be perfect, the two top teams now -- Florida State and Ohio State -- are both undefeated. But are these teams unbeaten because they are talented or did they just have an easy schedule this season?

The only team Florida State played in the Top 25 of the BCS rankings is overrated Clemson. Most of the Seminoles' schedule is an embarassment, and now they get to play Duke in the ACC championship game. A win and they are in. The only team Ohio State played in the BCS Top 25 was Wisconsin, and now they get Michigan State in the Big 10 title game. The Spartans have only one-loss but are offensively impaired, and the game they dropped was to a four-loss Nôtre Dame team.

So how does that make Auburn and Missouri feel?

They play for the SEC title on Saturday, and while many feel that the victor in this game could jump Ohio State, it won't happen. But Auburn did play LSU, Texas A&M, Georgia, and Alabama, all of whom would give Ohio State fits. Missouri played Vanderbilt, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas A&M while the Buckeyes were feasting on Northwestern, Purdue, Indiania, and Illinois. Florida State had even more fun with cupcakes. They toyed with Pitt, NC State, Syracuse, and Wake Forest. 

So we all know that Florida State will end Duke's fairytale run and beat them easily. But what if Ohio State struggles with Michigan State and Auburn or Missouri win handily? Is that enough to jump the Buckeyes?

Ii don't think the voters will knock an undefeated Ohio State team out, but both the Tigers playing in the SEC championship game have every right to think they belong in the BCS championship game.

If only this was the year for a four-team playoff. Then Alabama would be back in, maybe, and Oklahoma State could be the one on the outside screaming.