Baylor Bears Are Busting Vegas

Published on 11-Oct-2013 by J Square Humboldt

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Baylor Bears Are Busting Vegas

Baylor is crushing more than its opponents this year.

Actually, they're carrying on from crushing one particular group last year.

The Las Vegas sportsbooks.

Coach Art Briles actually has his charges out-octaning Oregon. Baylor has now covered the spread ten games in a row. This is even having an effect on its futures prices. The Bears began the season as 300:1 candidates to win the national championship. And the money began to flow. With each smashing on Saturday, that flow is now a flood.

Baylor's BCS title odds are now at 6:1.

Back when the number had fallen to 75:1, the big players were still hitting their books with tickets in excess of $50,000. No wonder Las Vegas is nervous!

Then there are the game spreads.

"It doesn't matter what we do," said one oddsmaker, "The money still comes in. We can inflate the line every week -- and we are -- but Baylor still beats it."

The Bears opened at -10½ for this weekend's tilt at Kansas State. Almost immediately, the line ran up to -20 before settling back at -17½. Some books, including Bovada, are still waiting for smoke to clear before posting a number.

Amazingly, Briles isn't pouring the coal to his opponents with full games from his starters. For the most part, he's run them out for a series or so in the third quarter and then turns the stampede over to their replacements, which only serves to strengthen his program.

How does this compare to the high-flying Ducks? They're popping numbers, too, covering the spread for seven straight games. Right now, Oregon is favored by 13½-14 points at some books, with others still waiting to post lines. This weekend, the Ducks are in Seattle to face bitter rival Washington, which threw a scare into Stanford at the Farm last week. Money is coming in on the Huskies, who feel their odds of decking the Ducks are better than they have been in a decade.

If so, the books think they'll have to outrace Oregon to do it. The over/under has been set at 76.

One has to wonder what that would be if Oregon faced Baylor. 100?

If those two aren't stopped by anyone for the rest of the season, it's possible we'll see it.