Bama Re-signs Player Involved in Robbery

Published on 19-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Bama Re-signs Player Involved in Robbery

Former Alabama defensive tackle DJ Pettway is getting a second chance with the team.

Pettway was involved in a robbery of a University of Alabama student, which got him booted from the Tide.

After he was granted youthful offender status by the courts, he would up at East Mississippi Community College. Now, after having paid penance and re-booting his character, he re-signed with the Crimson Tide last night.

Pettway seems to be thrilled to be back on the team and grateful for the opportunity, as he should be. This is one huge second chance.

DJ Pettway signs with Alabama again

However, even some of the staunchest supporters of Tide Nation are apprehensive about this move.

But this is what our society is supposed to be about. Pettway didn't get the death penalty for his mistake. Obviously. If that's the case, shouldn't it be just as obvious he needn't be tainted for life, either? Again, Nick Saban can get almost any top athlete he wants. If he thinks Pettway is deserving for a second bite of the cherry, who are we to doubt him?

Pettway came close to a precipice that many young men know is there, but its severity doesn't register with them. By all appearances, it did with him. Chances are he'll be a model citizen from this point forward.

If so, his leading a productive life is much preferable to his being another statistic in a punishment system that is overflowing already, draining tax dollars in the process.