Bama QB Holds Court; Reminds Press He's Not Johnny Football's Butler

Published on 18-Jul-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Bama QB Holds Court; Reminds Press He's Not Johnny Football's Butler

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron is not known as a guy who craves the spotlight, but on the last installment of SEC Media Days, the kliegs were definitely shining on the two-time national champion.

McCarron takes his role as the starting quarterback at Alabama very seriously and says he doesn't have time to party and hang out like his friend and cohort Johnny Manziel.

"I can't go out and act a fool. I can't go out and drink excessively. I can't act like most 22-yr-olds."

You listening, Johnny Football?

McCarron also knows that despite his success, he is still considered by some as just a game manager as opposed to a threat. Although, how many 'game managers' do you know who threw 30 touchdown passes in a season?

"When another QBs wins two national championships, he's usually the greatest thing since sliced bread. I'm a game manager."

But back to the McCarron/Manziel controversy. It was being reported yesterday by ESPN that McCarron didn't try to wake Manziel up while they were at the Manning Camp, but now reports have surfaced today that McCarron did try to wake him up, and Manziel just didn't get up.

Somehow, that seems like too much information. Still, this is SEC football we're talking about, where the term 'too much information' doesn't really exist.

McCarron seemed a little irked at times that he had to spend his time discussing the controversy and took a few shots at his friend.

Who besides the Southern Baptists in the crowd knew that AJ McCarron was also supposed to be Johnny Manziel's keeper, too?

"Johnny is his own man. I know how I handle myself out in public."

You think that was a little shot at Ole Johnny Football for putting him in this situation?

McCarron may be overshadowed by other quarterbacks in the league -- looking at you again, Johnny Manziel! -- but if anyone asks who is the most accomplished quarterback in the SEC, all he has to do is point at his rings.