Auburn Football: Animal House - SEC Chapter

Published on 5-Apr-2013 by Davis McGregor

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Auburn Football: Animal House - SEC Chapter

Here's a popular phrase from the days before Title IX: Sugar and spice and everything nice.

Well, no girls, no sugar, and things definitely aren’t too nice at Auburn right now. There is spice though, at least there was. And a lot of it.

Among other allegations to come out about the now-departed Gene Chizik's administration at Auburn, one more has joined the bunch. Lab reports showed multiple players on the 2010 National Championship team were testing positive for the synthetic marijuana drug known as spice. And these tests weren’t the only ones being failed by the Tiger players.

Next time the 2010 National Championship Tigers are seen walking around town, don’t be too surprised if they’re doing so without the ring.

It’s hard to imagine everything that Chizik has done at Auburn over the years, unless you went the University of Miami or SMU of course. And you'd think Arkansas State must be looking under rocks and checking old closets by now. But c’mon, Gene, you pretty much got off scot-free from the whole (S)Cam Newton scandal when talk of a $200,000 payment surfaced. You should really do a better job hiding all the fake grades, failed drug tests, and who knows what else. Maybe Chizik coaching his team to a 3-9 record was his way of gettin' the hell outta Dodge before things got too messy. 

Auburn has a host of skeletons in its closet, and let’s just hope that’s a joke. The last thing Gene Chizik needs right now is a janitor stumbling upon a mass grave below Jordan-Hare Stadium.