Auburn and Gomorrah Sign Sister Cities Pact

Published on 5-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Auburn and Gomorrah Sign Sister Cities Pact

Auburn University can't seem to catch a break especially from the folks at ESPN.

Two days after the Selena Roberts came out, ESPN did some digging of their own and found out that several players from the 2010 football team failed drug tests; some did numerous on numerous occasions.

At issue is the use of syntheic marjuriana. Some say it was illegal at the time in the state of Alabma, some say it wasn't. Either way, the Auburn athletic department came out with their usual denials about any wrong doing on their part. 

As many times in the past three years as Auburn has been questioned about that 2010 football team, you would think that their athletic department would be prepared for anything. Especially given their murky reputation.

Remember that joke Steve Spurrier used to tell when he was at Florida, about the Auburn library burning to the ground and all its books being destroyed? The punch line was that it was tragic because not all of them have been colored yet. Who knew that the ol' ball coach was dropping figurative hints? (And why hasn't Alabama asked him where he got his material? That was good stuff!)

They have been questioned about Cam Newton, assistant coaches paying players, academic grade changing, players being arrested, coaches being fired. Did I cover everything? At least everything so far?

Auburn should just hold a press conference every week to let their fans and the media know they haven't done anything to deny at that time so there will be no major blindside surprises. Saves them and the media the trouble of going through yet another day about hearing about what's going on down on the Plains.

But if you believe Selena Roberts, she is far from done with the athletic department. So buckle your seat belts, kiddies, this might be a long summer for Auburn.

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