Arkansas State: Springboard of Coaches

Published on 12-Dec-2013 by J Square Humboldt

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Arkansas State: Springboard of Coaches

Pick a sport. Any sport. Its fans will tell you the game is now faster than ever.

So is the personnel turnover.

In college football, no school knows this better than Arkansas State.

In the last three years, the Red Wolves have had three coaches:

  • Hugh Freeze, who led them to the Bowl and then took the job at Ole Miss;
  • Gus Malzahn, who led them to the Bowl and then took the job at Auburn; and
  • Bryan Harsin, who led them to the Bowl and has just been hired at Boise State.

Pay attention to whom Arkansas State hires next. He could be the next one to GoDaddy up to a power conference gig.

It'll be a long while before anyone else wrests the title Cradle of Coaches from Miami of Ohio. But these days, Arkansas State seems to be making a run at it. Not that they want to.

What with the Red Wolves' records under Freeze (10-2; 8-0 in the Sun Belt), Malzahn (10-3; 7-1 in the Sun Belt), and Harsin (7-5; 5-2 in the Sun Belt), a special round of kudos should go to athletic director Terry Mohajir for constantly landing the coaching talent he has. After viewing how he rallies the troops, it's not difficult to see why they come. Here he is in the wake of losing Malzahn to Auburn:

Mohajir then went out and grabbed Harsin, who was the Texas Longhorns' offensive coordinator at the time. Now, Harsin is returning to Boise State, the university where he made his name as the mentor of Kellen Moore.

This extraordinary run of high-caliber hires and competitive continuity is enough to make one wonder how long it will be until a bigger-brand school takes notice of Mohajir's work.

If it happens, the Bowl will lose one of its best salesmen.