Are Texas Officials Trying to Ruin Mack Brown?

Published on 6-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Are Texas Officials Trying to Ruin Mack Brown?

It's been out there for a while now that Nick Saban's agent, Jimmy Sexton, said the only job Saban would leave Alabama for is Texas.

Still, the Crimson Tide head coach has also said repeatedly he is not interested in leaving Alabama. This story is almost a year old now, and is becoming a beacon that signifies slow news days.

Or at least, slow news days in Longhorn Nation.

When will Texas get the hint that if you want Nick Saban, this is not the way to get him. Which makes me think this is no longer about getting Nick Saban, it's about getting rid of Mack Brown.

Why do I say that? Why is it that a story that's nine months old keeps leaking like a bad faucet? We already knew several weeks ago Texas officials were making phone calls to inquire about Nick Saban's interest in the Longhorns job.

Saban has already said he is too old to make any changes and said that again about a week ago. So, my conclusion is that someone or someones in Austin badly want Mack Brown gone.

It's not unheard of that officials at other schools making deals with other coaches behind their current coach's back. Auburn did it to Tommy Tuberville. Arkansas did it with Bobby Petrino to get him out of Atlanta. And yes, while Petrino is the poster boy for this skullduggery, these are not isolated incidents.

Someone associated with the program is sending Brown a message, clearly stating that although he has won five games in a row, if he doesn't keep winning, he needs to start packing his bags and that Nick Saban may be a Jimmy Sexton phone call away. With a new athletic director just being hired, it may be that keeping on winning might not be enough to save him. New bosses like to put their own guys under them.

It's not hard to see that Brown is on thin ice. Just look at how he found out he had a new athletic director. He wasn't called; he discovered it through Twitter! Ironically, reported that development the same way:

Mack Brown learns of new AD hiring via Twitter

It's no surprise, then, that rumors of Nick Saban coming to Texas are still making the rounds.

Someone is sending a message, it's loud and clear, and it's coming in 140 characters or less.

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