Alert the Raiders: Shawn Oakman Will Be Available in 2016

Published on 22-May-2015 by Towner Park

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Alert the Raiders: Shawn Oakman Will Be Available in 2016

Not to discredit the dude's athletic potential, but the Oakland Raiders have been known to make rash business decisions when it comes to freakish college prospects.

Does anyone remember JaMarcus Russell?

Better stated, does anyone want to remember JaMarcus Russell?

The Raiders' bean counters never did.

Well, the Silver & Black are on the Dali clock again, because Shawn Oakman will be available in the 2016 NFL draft after deciding to return to the Baylor Bears and wreak Big 12 havoc in the fall of 2015.

The Freak moniker is assigned to those who possess uncanny physical abilities, eg- Tim Linecum and Jevon Kearse.

Well, I've officially annoited Shawn Oakman as The Freak 2.0 after watching a clip of him performing weighted box jumps.

Dudes, this guy just jumped 40 inches with 70 pound dumbbells in each hand!

After the video clip's release, Oakman became an Internet sensation overnight.

Oakman Neeson Oakman with ref

Move over, JJ Watt. You were just one-upped.

A challenge unofficially offered to Watt, courtesy of Oakman, no?

Regardless, Oakman, who's a scary human being anyway if you account for his ink and physical appearance -- 6-9 and 280 -- just put himself on the map, and NFL scouts are salivating at the chance of him possibly playing for their respective teams next year.

Get in line.

For the rest of the Big 12, they hope this freak stays leashed.