Alabama A-Day Earns Itself a B

Published on 24-Apr-2013 by Davis McGregor

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Alabama A-Day Earns Itself a B

Just cause Nick Saban calls this spring game "A-Day" doesn’t mean he deserves an 'A' on it.

Down in the deep south, football has come back to life. Tuscaloosa was packed full of screaming fans; too bad #1 fan Harvey Updyke Jr. couldn’t make the game. This spring game, named "A-Day," is the event of the season for those Bama fans anxious to see the latest incarnation of their pride and joy show off their talent and depth. Only problem is that without any depth, this game takes a wrong nasty turn.

AJ McCarron and freshman running back TJ Yeldon tore it up all season and into the BCS Championship game, and their momentun rolled on into the spring game. The back ups at these positions were … well, let's just say they weren’t AJ and TJ.

Second string signal-caller Blake Sims had a rough day, to say the least. His 5-10 passing was only made worse when two of his five incompletions were picked off by the defense. If AJ goes down this year, Saban might as well strap on a helmet and run out there himself, because he couldn't do too much worse than Sims if the second-stringer continues that lack of production.

The Tide’s defense was a solid as ever; no worries there. The loss of Dee Milliner and Robert Lester in the secondary were big holes that have been filled in quite nicely. Maybe even better than nicely, considering new boy Nick Perry hauled in the two interceptions.

Seeing Alabama roll on through this season shouldn’t be a surprise to many, and if so, the three-peat is within reach. However, it looks like Nick Saban would have his work cut out for him if he is forced to send Sims out there with his starters on game day.