AJ McCarron Senses Evil at the Grammys

Published on 3-Feb-2014 by Raoul Duke

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AJ McCarron Senses Evil at the Grammys

AJ McCarron, along with countless other Americans pre-conditioned to watch any and all awards shows, took in the 2014 Grammys last week.

While I'm sure there were many viewers disappointed with the usual pop hack fest, McCarron took it a bit further, claiming the presence of demonic forces at work in some of the performances.

The former Crimson Tide quarterback apparently watched the Grammys in abject horror and was eventually compelled to tweet his thoughts on the subject.AJ McCarron Grammy tweet

AJ seems to be experiencing either a sort of weary resignation with society in general or is genuinely surprised at the presence of evil in the world. Whatever the case, he decided to share his electronic sigh with us.

McCarron did not get too specific in his tweet, but it appears he may have been referencing Katy Perry and her performance of “Dark Horse”, which features a scantily clad Perry engulfed in flames and surrounded by obedient minions seemingly there to do her bidding. She may or may not have been attempting to summon some hideous sloth-like creature from the great beyond, although we do know how AJ would respond to such a question.

We can discuss the many nuances and subtext of a Katy Perry performance later. In the meantime, perhaps we should worry about the very real and tangible atrocities that are practiced every day and not identify an award show as the personification of evil.

I suppose we should thank the group of sadists responsible for the conception and production of the Grammys for subjecting us to these disturbing images and frightening AJ McCarron.

Personally, it was the quality of the music I found most upsetting.