ACC Suspends Officials for Abetting Canes' Chaos

Published on 1-Nov-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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ACC Suspends Officials for Abetting Canes' Chaos

Sometimes, it's a bitch having the best seat in the house.

Because every so often, someone wants you to justify why you're there.

Especially when you're being paid to be competent.

And when that's not the case, consequences happen.

What in the name of the Cal band were the refs and replay dudes doing in Durham at game's end?

Were they that happy Al Golden got the boot? Or did Nevin Shapiro have something on them, too?

How screwed up was this crew? Let us count the ways:

  • The replay official should have seen 'Canes RB Mark Walton had a knee on the turf while still in possession of the ball;
  • The block-in-the-back call at the 16-yard line was clearly not from the side; and
  • Miami receiver Rashawn Scott left the bench and was celebrating on the field before the play ended.

Then, of course, the flag for another illegal block at the 26 was picked up, for whatever reason.

This result actually meant more than just collegial satisfaction to the Dookies and the ACC race itself:

ACC football standings

Duke's next two games are at North Carolina and home with Pittsburgh, so they're still the masters of their fate. However, their margin of error has shrunk considerably.

Much more than the stripes and eyeballs allegedly managing the Miami game.

Miami Hurricanes' response to lateral ruling