A&M Booster Says 1) They Considered Having Manziel Followed, and Incidentally, 2) Bama's Dirty

Published on 27-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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A&M Booster Says 1) They Considered Having Manziel Followed, and Incidentally, 2) Bama's Dirty

What would a week be like if we didn't have at least one good Johnny Manziel story.

This one though, is almost surprising.

According to recent story, Texas A&M boosters considered having Johnny Football followed to keep him out of trouble.

“A group of boosters seriously talked about hiring someone to follow Johnny around in College Station and basically look over his shoulder. If he got into anything bad they would have grabbed him and reminded him of who he was and what he represented. If they couldn’t stop him and he got in trouble, then they would have paid the right people to make it go away.

“Johnny has been trouble since he showed up on campus. If he wasn’t as good as he is on the field, he’d have been booted a long time ago. He’d be playing D-2 ball if he wasn’t so good.”

Well, duh! We knew that already. It's quite obvious that if Manziel wasn't as good as he is, he'd be living off his parents' wealth right now. Oh, wait ...

But A&M boosters should ask former Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik how successful it is to follow players. In short, it didn't work.

In that same article, the anonymous booster (of course!) also took a shot at Nick Saban and Alabama, calling the program dirty.

“I have close friends from the business community who are boosters for other big football programs and we all talk. We know what’s going on, and it’s everywhere. I mean, you really think [head coach Nick] Saban and Alabama are clean? Please. They’re just great at hiding things, covering up their tracks and shutting players up.

“Do you really think those kids from bad neighborhoods could afford the nice cars they drive around in if they weren’t getting something on the side? Lets not be naïve."

I'm not saying what this booster's spewing isn't true, but isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

The only reason Texas A&M isn't 0-3 or 1-2 right now is because no one talked in the Manziel investigation. 

And if this A&M booster wants to keep things that way, my suggestion is he or she minds his or her own business, because things can get pretty ugly quick in the SEC if you mess with the wrong people.