Wichita State Isn't Shocking Anyone Anymore

Published on 8-Mar-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Wichita State Isn't Shocking Anyone Anymore

Ever since the Canadian who invented an indoor game to spice up cold winter days took a job in 1898 to run the gym at the University of Kansas, the citizens of that fine state took both Dr James Naismith and basketball to heart.

Kansas quickly become a cornerstone of basketball lore. Great coaches like Phog Allen, Ted Owens, and Larry Brown found their way to Lawrence. Wilt Chamberlain and Paul Pierce were Jayhawks. Ultimately, the fever spread to Manhattan and Kansas State, whose list of coaches is a veritable Who's Who in its own right.

So it shouldn't be a surprise that an institution of higher learning in the state's largest city -- population: 372,194 -- was also caught up in the proceedings.

Wichita State is not new to basketball success. And its roots run just as deep.

Those who have seen the Shockers this season have no doubt this team is legit. And they use their detractors as motivation. Here's what hits the gym screens before every home game:

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The Shockers have ripped through the Missouri Valley Conference with a highlight reel of intensity.

And even though their in-state brethren seem to be ducking them these days, the Shockers would be quite pleased to match talent and teamwork with them in a couple of weeks.

It could easily happen. If the Jayhawks or Wildcats make it that far.