Who's 'The' Team in Ohio Now?

Published on 21-Mar-2014 by Coach

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Who's 'The' Team in Ohio Now?

The Ohio State University became the team to upend more than a handful of March Madness brackets by losing to Dayton in the Round of 64.

The Flyers -- like other major in-state universities such as Cincinnati and Xavier -- can't get a sniff from the Buckeyes for love or money when non-conference schedules are arranged. So when the Selection Committee found it within their deliberations to make this match, Dayton had to feel destined.

It came down to the last few seconds, as these things usually do:

It was bound to happen.

Oh, how I wish I could have predicted this epic upset.

I was shocked, what with so much hype going for the Buckeyes. They beat several tournament teams, were ranked in the AP Top 25 at season's end, were in the Big 10 Tournament championship game, and were on a four-year Sweet Sixteen run. This team was bound for at least two wins ... but left with none

And give some credit to Dayton. The Flyers literally had nothing going for them. They were the last A-10 team to make the tournament, they were an 11-seed, they went 1-1 in their conference tournament, and they finished tied for fourth in an average conference.

But it was Vee Sanford who stole the show for the Flyers, and ruined it for the Buckeyes. Two sides of the same coin.

Dayton will say different, that the Big Dance is the top priority. But when all is said and done, no matter how far the Flyers go, this is the game that made their season.

And good luck with getting on the Buckeye schedule anytime soon.