When's a Loss Really a Win?

Published on 6-Apr-2015 by Larry Cory

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When's a Loss Really a Win?

Well, it's that time of year in Lexington and all over the state of Kentucky.

The time when all booger-eaters come out in full force.

Yes, I said booger and not burger.

Last year, when the Kentucky Wildcats beat Wisconsin's Badgers to advance to the title game against eventual champion Connecticut, how did those mouth-breathers celebrate in Lexington? Well, duh ... shed a tear for the sacrificial couch:

Boy, they sure know how to party here in Lexington, don't they?

Yes, I said here in Lexington. I was born and raised right here in Lexington, Kentucky.

As you surely know by now, this year it was the 'Cats and Badgers once again in the Final Four. With one bit difference. This year, Wisconsin beat Kentucky, handing the 'Cats their very first loss of the season. So, there's no glory for the Big Blue Nation this morning. No undfeated season. No ninth NCAA title banner to hang.  

So how would the mental midgets react to this loss?

Kentucky couch fire

Lexington police reported that 31 people were arrested near the University of Kentucky campus following the loss.

A police spokesman said following the game that about 1500 fans spilled into a State Street neighborhood adjacent to the campus. What is this? A soccer game?

Police dressed in tactical gear allowed fans to mingle, but removed anyone who became disobedient. Pepper balls were used to break up one fight. A fight? Was there even one Badger fan there? Give me a break!

The 31 were due in court today. Oh, the joy of being a Wildcat fan!


Some of them were nicked for being drunk. A few were disorderly. Some were just stupid, and several got into trouble for burning T-shirts and hoodies. No doubt those had 40-0, Won & Done, and 9 Titles silkscreened on them!

At least the diversity in flammable targets spared more couches the indignity of immolation this year.

So I'm thankful that fewer couches went up in smoke this year. That's progress. I think.

Somewhere in Kentucky, a former Wildcat football player and No 1 overall NFL pick is breathing a sigh of belief for his furniturial namesakes. Even Tim Couch surely thinks that this loss is a win for couches everywhere!

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