What's the Point?

Published on 8-Feb-2017 by Alan Adamsson

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What's the Point?

Anyone who's visited The Daily Player well knows we're 180º from politically correct.

So we have to ask:

How does a high school player pop 92 points in a game and his team only wins by 23?

Like this, actually:

Lamelo Ball 92 points

LaMelo Ball is the youngest brother of UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball, who's probably going No 1 or No 2 in this year's NBA draft.

Dude's definitely got the Melo part of his name right. Carmelo Anthony doesn't play defense either.

Really, though, what's going on here? Besides cherry-picking to the max?

Dedicating this dissing to a girl awaiting a heart transplant is beyond cynical. Didn't the South Park hockey team drive that home hard enough?

Apparently not.

When you're dumping 41 points in the fourth quarter of a game that's not close, you're only playing for yourself.

And dad. He's the coach. Really.

The kid's just gotta stay healty and make reasonable grades, and he's got a Divison I ticket punched. There's no reason for totally unimpressive exhibitions like this.

There's also no end of it in sight.