We Didn't Start the Fire; Wildcats Pullout W

Published on 30-Jan-2014 by Coach

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We Didn't Start the Fire; Wildcats Pullout W

Typically, when the No 1 team in the land is playing on the road against an unranked opponent, a win is expected in a rather exuberent fashion.

That was not the case on Wednesday when the Stanford Cardinal hosted the Arizona Wildcats.

By no means is Stanford a slouch, holding victories over then-ranked Connecticut and Oregon, but no one outside the Pac-12 figured they'd be giving the No 1 team in the nation all it could handle. Then again, the Pac-12 isn't the third-highest rated conference for nothing.

Luckily for the Wildcats, they rallied in the second half with a hellacious defense.

Arizona coach Sean Miller acknowledged his teams struggles, "No question we have to execute better on offense and we have to be more confident at the line."

For their part, the Cardinal realize that being close doesn't light up the victory cigar.

The Wildcats are set to play a much more complete and competitive California Golden Bears on Saturday 1 Febuary. No other team in the conference is nationally ranked, and yet, Arizona will do well to run through it undefeated.