Washington Huskies: Your New One-&-Done Outpost

Published on 26-Jul-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Washington Huskies: Your New One-&-Done Outpost

It's low-hanging fruit to revile Kentucky's John Calipari for taking college basketball to the extreme by turning the Wildcats program into a holding center for can't-miss NBA prospects.

But what to make of that strategy when a staunch middle-of-the-pack program adopts the same strategy?

That's what well-respected coach Lorenzo Romar is doing at Washington.

Big time.

As an aside, notice the running score in that clip.

Think of it as yet another Shooter McGavin moment.

Romar has had an impressive array of talent shoot through the hallowed halls of Hec Edmonson Pavilion; think of Isaiah Thomas, Brandon Roy, and the tandem of Terrence Ross and Tony Wroten, to name a few.

Of those, only Wroten went pro after his freshman season. All are from the Pacific Northwest.

Now, in the wake of Marquise Chriss and Dejounte Murray both moving from first-year to fiirst round, that pace is gonna pick up at Montlake.

Especially as Chriss seemingly materialized out of nowhere, which is almost unheard of in this day and age of identifiying and hyping talent as early as eighth grade.

All that talent and no invitations to the Big Dance in five years is not settling well on Montlake.

The most recent evidence of this came when the new AD said Romar had her support but added the words right now to her statement.

That equates to a one-&-done attitude in the hallowed halls of higher learning. Fortunately for Romar, he was already ahead of the curve.

That started with noted one-&-done dude Markelle Fultz, whose can't miss draft credentials just keep on coming:


Recently, Romar went full-family frontal to secure the services of another draft meterorite, Michael Porter Jr.

Nothing wrong with playing the godfather card whilst hiring pop and signing little bro, if you can do it, because Junior is worth it:

Not only that, but Porter comes with a network:

Trae Young tweet

For the record, Young's eing hounded recruited by Duke and Kentucky, along with the Sooners and Cowboys in his home state.

Who would've thought that Washington would be mentioned in the same breath as those programs these days?

Besides, that is, the dean of Pac-12 coaches, who wouldn't mind keeping that title for a few more seasons.