Wacky Group of Illinois Students Goes Rogue at Penn State

Published on 12-Feb-2014 by Raoul Duke

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Wacky Group of Illinois Students Goes Rogue at Penn State

A moderately clever group of Illinois students masquerading as Penn State fans infiltrated a Big Ten basketball clash on Sunday afternoon in Happy Valley.

This collection of college hoops enthusiasts and amateur spies managed to enter the building adorned in signature Nittany Lion dark blue and white. However, shortly after the game began, these rogue operatives peeled off those ingenious disguises and revealed their true allegiance to the Fighting Illini.


Boy, do we feel silly!

The group of Illini faithful responsible for this devilish ruse is apparently known as the ‘Orange Krush’ and has perpetrated their special brand of mischief on the road in other Big Ten locations in the past. These merry pranksters even once pretended to be State Farm insurance agents to gain entry into a game.

Actually, that is funny.

Sadly, the element of surprise was eliminated when an email fell into enemy hands. The Penn State student section was prepared for the deception, even screaming at the group to take off their Nittany Lion gear and expose themselves as shameful frauds.

Who knew attending a Big Ten basketball game could be this exciting?

With the endless intrigue that was taking place in the stands, it’s a wonder anyone was able to keep up with the quality basketball being played on the court between the Fighting Illini and the Nittany Lions, two teams currently residing in the conference basement.

Illinois managed to win the game 60-55, the players no doubt inspired by their student section's dedication and seemingly unlimited amount of free time.