Vitale Responds to Lundquist Jab

Published on 10-Mar-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Vitale Responds to Lundquist Jab

We reported the other day that CBS college football announcer Vern Lundquist took a shot at ESPN college basketball announcer Dick Vitale.

Well, Vitale responded to Lundquist in a very un Vitale way: with class and diginity.

Here is what Vitale said about the comment on Twitter.

Vitale tweet

Vitale could have came out and blasted Lundquist about his own problems about not being liked by SEC fans, but he took the high road.

Vitale may be over the top sometimes, but I've never heard a negative thing said about the man when it comes to off-court issues. He has always been gracious towards everyone even when he is put in a position like this.

Maybe that's a lesson Lundquist can learn from Vitale. But it does appear like he fell for a baited question.

There is an old school-new school dynamic at work here.

All sports broadcasters know they can't and won't please everyone, no matter what their style. Lundquist is a minimalist -- like most of his generation -- choosing to let the video tell most of the story. Vitale made his name injecting excitement into the game he covers, which old school types believe is injecting a journalist into the story. Those with actual journalism degrees are taught that this is a cardinal sin.

Because, frankly, it is.

However, both types have their fans, and both have no problem getting lucrative contracts with networks.

Taster's choice.