Vermont Humiliates Helpless Lyndon State

Published on 22-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Vermont Humiliates Helpless Lyndon State

Before we start, a moment of silence for the Lyndon State College Hornets.

Perhaps now the healing can begin.

On an otherwise normal Saturday afternoon, the Vermont Catamounts defeated the Lyndon State Hornets 79-20.

As horrific as that score may seem, if one investigates a bit deeper into the numbers, it actually gets far worse.

The halftime score was 43-4.

Afraid so.

Oh, and all four of those points came from the foul line.

That's right.

The fighting Hornets missed all 28 shots attempted in the first half, making only seven for the entire game.

Mismatches in college athletics are pretty common, but this debacle was request a running clock to finish the game as quickly as possible bad.

Well, at least nobody died.

Apollo Creed, your memory lives on.

Somehow there's more dignity in losing by a wide margin while still scoring a bunch of points.

For example, 129-70 would have looked much better.

Hopefully, the Hornets can find just a little mercy in this cruel, cruel world.