Tribe, Terriers Still Mired in the Forgotten Five

Published on 11-Mar-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Tribe, Terriers Still Mired in the Forgotten Five

This group is not exactly the Hotel California.

They can't check out any time they like.

But the way it's going, they can never leave.

Army never got out of the gates this season. Northwestern is a longer shot than Mars One. And The Citadel is again hunting for a new coach; enough said.

Only two of the Big Dance's Forgotten Five had a bite at the cherry this season: William & Mary and St Francis of New York. However, for both, all they got was the pits:

St Francis NY v Robert Morris

The Tribe said its goodbyes on the night before:

And so, the Forgotten Five are left to ponder when the next opportunity to leave will arise and wonder if it'll be different next time.


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