The Once Proud UConn Men's Hoopsters Are Struggling Badly

Published on 29-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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The Once Proud UConn Men's Hoopsters Are Struggling Badly

College basketball was arguably at its best in the old Big East.

Those conference tournament games at Madison Square Garden were epic, and the UConn Huskies were typically in the middle of all of it.

However, times have sadly changed.

Jim Calhoun is not walking through that door.

For one thing, the perpetual realignment of conferences has rendered the college hoops landscape almost unrecognizable.

Case in point: UConn is now affiliated with something called the American Athletic Conference.

And things are not going particularly well.

Former Husky guard and current head coach Kevin Ollie is searching for answers, but there don't seem to be any available.

The Huskies are now sitting at 2-4, a record that includes home losses to Wagner and Northeastern.

Yeah, that's pretty ugly.

Most recently, the Huskies went to Maui for some sun, fun, and hoops.

The weather was amazing, but the business end of the trip proved to be difficult, with losses to Oklahoma State and Oregon.

They did beat Chaminade, though, so that's good.

The Huskies are young, so there's certainly room for improvement.

But the results so far are less than inspiring.

The UConn woman's program probably thinks this is all very adorable.