The Miles Bridges Holiday Festival of Dunks

Published on 22-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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The Miles Bridges Holiday Festival of Dunks

It's always exciting when a highly regarded super freshman bursts onto the NCAA basketball landscape.

One such example would be Miles Bridges.

The Michigan State übertalent has only played in four regular season games but is already causing the proverbial jaws to hit the proverbial floor with his enthusiasm for the art of the dunk.

Where to even begin?

Well, we could start with Sparty blasting a hole completely through Mississippi Valley State at home to the tune of 100-53.

Bridges put on quite the show, pulling off a dunking hat trick:

That's one. 

There's the second.

And three.

By the way, dude also put up a tidy 24/11/6 slash line.

The kid can ball.

The Spartans are off to a disheartening start to the season, having dropped their first two games against Arizona and Kentucky.

But let's not concern ourselves with such trivial matters.

We should watch some more dunks.

Here is Bridges doing his thing against Florida Gulf Coast:

Oh, and check this out:

That was Midnight Madness in East Lansing, which didn't even count.

Hoops is good for everyone.