The Big Oops! Five Big East Teams Get Ousted from the Tournament

Published on 23-Mar-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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The Big Oops! Five Big East Teams Get Ousted from the Tournament

Looks likes the dismantling of the powerful Big East has started early.

Five Big East teams -- Villanova, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Georgetown and Cincinnati -- all had embarrassing losses in their opening games of the NCAA Tournament.

Pitt got housed by Wichita State (a game I actually picked correctly), 73-55, but the largest egg laid last night had to be Georgetown losing to little ol' Florida Gulf Coast College. "Who?"  you asked? Exactly. Who, indeed. A hoya may not have a face, but it can still be painted red.

Florida Gulf Coast College dunked all over Georgetown, making them look like a high school team. We can say this with certainty, John Thompson III is not his father. Do you think just for a second John Thompson wanted to come out of the stands and coach his son's team? He couldn't have done any worse than JTIII Friday night. Three out of the last four years, Georgetown has been sent packing in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament; no, John Thompson III is not his father's son, at least not on the court. 

The Big East used to be a standard bearer for outstanding basketball, now it stands for big disappointment. Thank goodness for Louisville and Syracuse or this Dance would be ... never mind. This year's showing is already mortifying.

Maybe it's time for the league to morph. Current Big East basketball is starting to look like Big East football, a collection of feckless teams that allow you to insert your own punchline.

At least they have Louisville -- for now, anyway -- to hold their banner. It's sad that most of the original members of this once great conference have fallen flat on their faces in this swan song year. That's not how this conference wants to be remembered.

Nor should it be. But unless the Cardinals run the table, the Big East, like its reputation, is just fading away.