Spartans Keep Up with Dookies: Drop Third Straight

Published on 20-Jan-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Spartans Keep Up with Dookies: Drop Third Straight

When the going gets tough, the tough schedule Nebraska.

The Huskers came through, too, doing a Cornholio on Michigan State for the third straight time.

That also accounted for Sparty's third straight loss this season, a feat last accomplished four years ago.

Incidentally, that's only on the hardwood.

Whatever Nebraska has on Michigan State, it's working. To the point, in fact, that it's even playing Jedi mind tricks on the referees. This was ruled a touchdown:

Looks like Sparty's got an issue.

This does mean, though, that the team ranked No 1 by those big-brand biased early-season pollsters is valiantly matching Duke loss for loss:

More Jedi mind tricks on the referees, Coach?

If this is truly the season of karma -- right, Kentucky? -- all that needs to happen now is for the Blue Devils to draw Nebraska in the NCAA tournament.