Someone Named Marcus Keene Leads the Nation in Scoring

Published on 6-Jan-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Someone Named Marcus Keene Leads the Nation in Scoring

Central Michigan is not exactly a household name in college hoops.

However, while those scrappy Chippewas fight the good fight in the Mid-American Conference, Marcus Keene is scoring buckets at a frenzied pace.

The tiny 5-9 guard is currently averaging a tick over 30 points through 14 games, which is pretty damn good.

In fact, if the little fella can maintain that average through the full season, he'd be the first to do so in 20 years.

The last college player to average 30 points per game was Charles Jones at LIU Brooklyn, who didn't exactly have a storied career.

But no matter, it'd still be a cool thing to see.

Keene is benefiting from a system that encourages fast-paced play featuring an endless number of three-point shot attempts.

Here he is, dropping 44 on Montana State:

Not a thing wrong with that.

Keene comprises one-half of a vertically challenged backcourt with the also 5-9 Braylon Rayson.

While the novelty of really tiny guards and an uptempo style of play is entertaining, there's not much defense going on here.

As a result, the Chippewas will probably not be dancing in March.

However, this shouldn't deter Keene in his quest for collegiate immortality.

This dude would dominate Middle Earth.