So, Who Upsets Kentucky?

Published on 16-Mar-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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So, Who Upsets Kentucky?

To hell with the eye test.

That's what plopped UCLA into the Big Dance, which should've created ad campaigns for optometrists from coast to coast and directed at whomever put the big-brand Bruins in the bracket over Temple.

So if the eye test is what makes Kentucky the 10-11 favorites to cut down the nets in Indianapolis, then it's time to figure out who will actually be holding the scissors on Mon 6 April.

In that vein, full marks to the World Wide Leader for not drug-testing these dudes:

Both history and the numbers side with these arguments. Take your pick:

Keep waiting, dude.

Last season, the knock on the Shockers was that their league was weak. They entered the Dance unblemished for that reason.

Every season, the rag on Gonzaga is that their league is weak. The Zags haven't done much to prove otherwise, bogging down in the first weekend ever since 2009.

What was the SEC this time around? Weak. Three teams gave Kentucky fans palpitations: Ole Miss totally blew it in full view of Ashley Judd, et al; LSU did a choke-a-rama; and in the cold light of harsh reality, Texas A&M was the best team on 10 January.

Yes, bookmakers are still checking their cash reserves, and fans who always forget that 18-t0-23-year-olds -- OK, up to 25-year-olds when Mormon missions are counted -- aren't robots are filling out their brackets by writing in the Wildcats on the Championship line and working backward.

But now, squads far superior to the SEC's lot are waiting. Calipari is right. Escape now is not an option.