Snakebit Roadrunners Lose to Three Half-Court Hail Marys in Two Years

Published on 12-Mar-2015 by Alan Adamsson
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Note the absence of silver linings.

Like many basketball programs, the University of Texas at San Antonio features a halfcourt shot contest as part of its halftime festivities.

For them, it's gotta be a daring move to offer a $10,000 prize for anyone who hits it.

The Roadrunners are jinxed by half-court heaves.

What are the odds? Especially when one of them was from a Division II team that was supposed to be a warm-up for the 2013-2014 season:

And speaking of warm-ups, Southern Utah was coming off a tomato-can season when it ventured into UTSA's non-conference home schedule, trailing 92-90 with 2.5 seconds to play:

Yes. Yes it was.

And then yesterday, in the first round of the Conference USA tournament in Birmingham, after UTSA's Keon Lewis had nailed a trey with 2.5 seconds left to seemingly ensure overtime, Florida International's Dennis Mavin Jr went into launch mode. The result? What else?

After the game, it emerged that Mavin actually practices that shot every day after the Panthers conclude their drills. It's a classic example of preparation meeting inspiration.

As for the Roadrunners, they'll probably agree that lightning doesn't strike twice. Three times is more like it.

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