Nobody's Perfect

Published on 5-Apr-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Nobody's Perfect

Saw it coming.

Coulda happened a week ago before Notre Dame lost the plot.

Wisconsin upped the ante by two minutes, and predictions that initially weren't given the time of day by all but a few became golden.

And now the bookies can keep their kids in private schools.

The Badgers displayed 40 full minutes of Bo Ryan's four-year programing, and the only coach in this year's Final Four not to have won a ring didn't mind subtly putting the knife in afterward:

We don't have x-number of [McDonald's] All-Americans ... I've truly enjoyed building a team of seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.

What Wisconsin believes is that how a career is finished trumps how it's hyped from the start:

Wisconsin hoop All-American total

Nice try, though.

It didn't hurt that Frank Kaminsky was one of them, building on last year's disappointing Final Four showing and returning to make key plays like this when the rubber was seriously meeting the road:

Or that Sam Dekker was working both ends of the court:

Or that while Dekker can get as acrobatic as Kaminsky, Bronson Koenig keeps the D honest:

At least the 1976 Hoosiers don't do a 1972 Dolphins and pop the champagne corks when the season's last undefeated team bites it. Odds are, though, Wisconsin fans are making up the difference.

They'll concern themselves with Duke on Monday.