Nevada Stages Absurd Road Comeback

Published on 14-Jan-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Nevada Stages Absurd Road Comeback

The word miracle is often over-applied in the context of sports.

However, what went down in 'The Pit' at New Mexico last week may just qualify.

The Nevada Wolfpack were trailing by 25 points with 11 minutes left in the game on the road but somehow pulled out a 105-104 overtime win.

As impressive as these numbers are, it gets even better.

New Mexico actually led by 14 points with just over a minute remaining.

And had the ball.


Have a look at this nonsense:

That's a festival of threes, including several acrobatic bank jobs.

As always, this type of thing can't occur without the generosity and ineptitude of the opposition, and the Lobos were extremely hospitable in this regard.

They committed a number of turnovers and missed quite a few free throws, including two with a three-point lead very late in regulation.

Our primary hero in this compelling hoops theater would be Jordan Caroline.

Dude poured in 45 points, including the game winner in overtime.

Somehow, this is only the eighth-largest second-half comeback in NCAA history.

For a little perspective, the Kentucky Wildcats once erased a 31-point deficit to beat LSU in Baton Rouge:

Of course, just last season, the Madness of March conjured up the epic Texas A&M comeback against Northern Iowa, with the Aggies winning in double-overtime despite being down 12 with 34 seconds left:

Let's just start the tournament right now.