NCAA Goaltending Rule Makes Sense ... If You're Shooting a Grenade

Published on 19-Mar-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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NCAA Goaltending Rule Makes Sense ... If You're Shooting a Grenade

UCLA got into the Dance via the proverbial eye test.

And the Bruins are still in the Dance via the dreaded eye test.

What in the name of Wilt Chamberlain at Kansas was the ref seeing when he called Yanick Moreira for goaltending on Bryce Alford's desperation trey attempt? That was damn near a Scott Norwood wide right.

But this one counted.

Not reviewable, they say. Fair enough. It wasn't close enough to even need a review.

How does that shot have the possibility of entering the basket? The NCAA apologist owas interviewed afterward would've been right at home in Saddam's information ministry.

"And I think when it gets to the rim, it has a chance to go in."

SMU goaltending

Now, did this cost SMU the game? No, SMU cost SMU the game, if it's gonna be put in those terms.

The point is, how could this be part of the equation?

Let the players decide the damn game! Referees are supposed to be there to make that happen, not to nit-frickin'-pick shades of gray. Did the ball have a snowball's chance to go in or didn't it? How hard is that?

This isn't CSI: Big Dance.

Tolerating blocking/charging calls are bad enough. Don't expand the inanity.