Michigan v Tulsa Confirms Monmouth Shoulda Been There Instead

Published on 17-Mar-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Michigan v Tulsa Confirms Monmouth Shoulda Been There Instead

It must be a bummer when the result of your crummy decisions gets played out before a national sports audience.

The early rounds of March Madness have a way of doing that.

And anyone who had nothing better to do than keep watching the Michigan Wolverines and Tulsa Golden Hurrican stink up Dayton, Ohio can attest to it.

Ever see team handball?

Basically, there's a whole bunch of screwing around on the perimeter interspersed with lead-footed defense any time a player tries to move inside.

Rumor has it this was the scouting video that got sent to Ann Arbor and Tulsa.

The only thing that made this First Four yawner look like a basketball game was a highlight package, ie- forty minutes melted down to a merciful two:

The game's box score revealed the reality of this tourney travesty. The three-point attempts betray how these two squads were screwing around along the perimeter:

  • Michigan ... 6-for-25, a rate of 24%
  • Tulsa ... 3-for-15, a rate of 20%

That's 40 shots that wasted the bulk of just over 30 possessions.

Damn you, Stephen Curry! Look what you've unleashed!

Hint to wannabes: Leave long-distance barrages to the immortals.

Suckitude in measures dished out by Michigan and Tulsa make one long for a college crew who could show them how the game's supposed to be played at the tournament level.

Kinda like Monmouth:

And they're doing it in the NIT for some reason.

Meanwhile, no one -- not even the players -- understood what Tulsa was even doing in Dayton. Maybe the Selection Committee meant Tesla.

Given the Committee's performance this year, though, they probably would've screwed that up, too.