Madness Bites: Predictions to Rise above the Pain

Published on 26-Mar-2013 by D E Caton

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Madness Bites: Predictions to Rise above the Pain

March Madness is always good for stories that make for eye-catching headlines. None of them though, hit home quite as hard as the aftermath of a report to the wife as to my personal involvement in the NCAA tournament.

It was not pretty. This past weekend March Madness torched my bracket, blew up my wallet, and induced all out pain.

But I'm a player. I can't let all that stop me. So, with the sickness of a Malaysian outbreak of malaria, I’m back the game!

It’s time to score this weekend to get back in the black. Bovada has the odds that I want to take advantage of and do so before someone wises up and changes the spreads. I want to push some of the close games and get in the positive.  And a few key matchups are all I need. 

So here’s my gift to the readers:

  • Miami will cover 6 points over Marquette.

Marquette hasn’t advanced past the Sweet 16 since D-Wade did it for them in 2003.

Shane Larkin is averaging 18.25 pts per game in the month of March, clutch anyone?

The Golden Eagles don’t have anyone to play in the post with Kenny Kadji.

  • Florida Gulf Coast’s Cinderella never makes it to the prom. But take the points.

Billy Donovan is an elite coach, back to back national titles and he’s been to the Elite 8 twice in the last two years.

Erik Murphy is a NBA player and will put up 18 and 8. 

  • L’ville covers the 10 point spread. Oregon is a sucker bet out of the West.

The Wild West burned my bracket and Vegas is hoping people will ride Oregon to the bank.

Louisville will not let Oregon rain three pointers all night, they play tough physical defense.

Live by the three, die by the three. Oregon will not penetrate and score on Dieng. He protects the paint and rotates like the pro he will be.

There it is, sickos, my picks to get me in the black.

If these go belly up, so does my betting, according to the wife.  The pain from last week still hurts; it does, seriously. It’s crazy how I never remember wins, but those losses hurt for a while.

I'm anticipated a much better feeling this time around.


    Result ... Marquette 71 Miami 61   Miami does not cover -6
    Result ... Florida 62 FGCU 50   FGCU covers +13
    Result ... Louisville 77 Oregon 69   Louisville does not cover -10