La Salle Cancels The Marshall Henderson Show

Published on 25-Mar-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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La Salle Cancels The Marshall Henderson Show

America, your nightmare is over. The Marshall Mathers ... I mean, the Marshall Henderson Show ended Sunday against La Salle, 76-74. For all his trash talk and bravado, Henderson couldn’t lead the Ole Miss Rebels to victory.

That privilege goes to La Salle’s Tyrone Garland, who scored the game-winning field goal with less then three seconds to go in the game to send the Explorers to the Sweet 16. Garland, who scored 17 points, said his shot was the "Southwest Philly Floater."

Henderson finished the game with 21 points, but was 8-21 from the field

One thing that La Salle didn’t do is let Henderson go off. The brief time that he did get hot towards the end of the first half, didn’t seem to rattle the Explorers. If Henderson would get a three for the Rebels, La Salle would hit a deep three to either close the gap or take the lead.

Although the Henderson show ended early, he didn’t go quietly into the night. Reports are he gave the crowd a double-barrelled digital salute because, according to some, a spectator in the crowd yelled disparaging allegations about a family member's social conduct. Now that the season is over, the Eminem wannabe can  "stop playing for free" and  try his act in the NBA. 

Wonder how the Marshall Henderson show would play with Kobe and Lebron?

Just what that league needs is another circus act.

So watch out, America. The Marshall Henderson Show may be coming to an NBA arena near you.