Kentucky's Kids Aren't One-&-Done Yet

Published on 5-Apr-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Kentucky's Kids Aren't One-&-Done Yet

Legendary Marquette coach Al McGuire used to say that by the end of the college hoop season, freshmen aren't freshmen anymore.

And John Calipari's recruiting philosophy at Kentucky has taken that to the extreme.

His latest prodigy to confirm veins flowing with ice water and a flair for the finish is Aaron Harrison, half of the twin tandem that includes brother Andrew. Neither had the best of nights against the high-fivers of Wisconsin, but when the rubber met the road, Aaron took advantage of Josh Gasser's moment of defensive indecision, rose from his distant launching pad, and swished a trey that traversed two zip codes:

The fact that he already did this in the Wildcats' dance pairings with Louisville and Michigan almost made this one anti-climatic. Except it wasn't.

Kentucky predictably had trouble with the Badgers' rapid-fire ball movement for most of the game. Fouls consistently cost them points, as bullseyes from the stripe have virtually become a Wisconsin trademark. However, the Wildcat's sheer athleticism aided them in controlling the paint. Their prowess in the key was such that sudden hero Frank Kaminsky rarely considered his killer spin-to-the-rim, even when it was there in the right blocks. The 7-footer's meekness helped to undermine the Badgers' cause.

Meanwhile, Calipari made good on his promise to bench any player who displayed any form of fear in the moment. Ironically, one of them was Aaron Harrison, midway through the second half. The short-term benching sobered him enough to seize the ultimate moment, and the Wildcats will be playing on Monday night.

And soon after that, there's not much doubt that faux paper chases will be replaced by contract talks.